Thursday, February 27, 2020

Marijuana Legalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marijuana Legalization - Essay Example According to the paper findings positive usages include dealing with allergies relating to respiratory problems , digestive factors such as appetite, and most effectively it is used in sexual inhibition processes in certain individuals, mental state of an individual under certain depression and other stresses, In all these it has been tested to positive impact as a result it has been advocated for permitting its usage on legal grounds for medical purposes.This essay stresses that the debate got more intense when it was found out that it can be used for medical purposes, and seeing its vast usage along with medical implications, number of states took steps towards legalizing and making it a open market item for the adults. Under the garb of federal law, marijuana is strictly prohibited and clearly defined rules exist in which any one found in its possession, or under its influence will be dealt with severely, the law also defines terms and penalties for its users and its possession ho lders and suppliers. It is the individual and municipal laws of respective states, that have thought of entertaining the thoughts of legalizing it and making it part of their legal life. Over fifteen states are enrolled in debate and race for making marijuana legal for medical purposes.  Comparisons are being drawn between the usage of alcohol and that of marijuana and advocates of it say that it has more soothing effect and less negative impact if it is used in a contained manner.

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